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Throwing sticks

Dangerous for your dog!

Topic: How do I teach my dog to run free

Author: Nuyvilaq Working Dogs

Reading time: 5 min

A lot of dogs think it's a great game, the boss throws the stick, the dog picks it up, and it's also a lot of fun to play with your dog, but then grab a ball or another safe toy, sticks can be life-threatening!
If it has always gone well until now, then you are often not aware of any harm.

But what could go wrong?

Sticks are hard and often have sharp points and splinters.

• While throwing a stick, it may accidentally hit the dog's head, eyes or body.
• While trying to catch a stick, a dog can seriously injure itself. The stick can pierce any part of the body.
• While running and romping, the stick (too large or too heavy) can shoot into the throat or injure the teeth and mouth.
• Even chewing a stick can have bad consequences. Splinters can cause inflammation.

We have heard of a case where the tongue and esophagus were full of splinters and the dog could hardly breathe because of the severe inflammation in the throat.
Veterinarians regularly see dogs injured by sticks in their practice. They therefore strongly advise dog owners not to let dogs play with sticks.

Why throw a stick when there are fun toys for dogs that aren't dangerous.