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Sledehonden Tocht

Experience a unique sled dog training in the Brabant countryside. A sled dog training with Nuyvilaq Working Dogs is an unforgettable morning through the forests of Bergen op Zoom.

A training with our hound and 6 purebred Siberian Huskies for the quad can be attended every Saturday and Sunday morning. From November to March (depending on the temperatures and humidity) at 8 am. We do NOT receive visitors during training on other days.

You can ride on the back of our quad where we will tour between 7 and 12 kilometers through the woods, you will be amazed how hard our dogs want to work and how much fun they have in it.

After the training there is a cup of coffee and / or tea and there is time to have a chat, explain the sport and of course to cuddle with the dogs.

Participation in a sled dog training is at your own risk, we advise you to put on old clothes, especially if it has rained a lot, it is quite muddy in the forest and you will not stay clean.

A maximum of 2 people can participate per training, the duration of the ride will then be shorter than when only 1 person goes.

We ask a fee of € 25, - which must be paid in advance.

Sledehonden tocht

Tijd: 3 uur
Prijs: 25,- euro
Lokatie: Bergen op Zoom

Tel: +316 53425239

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