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Private training OBEDIENCE K9


To establish and maintain absolute control, you must understand and eventually master the training method. When you master these, doors will open for you and your dog that you never thought could open.


In our NWD (Nuyvilaq Working Dogs) Technical Obedience K9 ® system we will apply every step in theory and practice. Dogs are active creatures that speak with movement. By not adopting a static posture themselves, but by actively participating with the dog, fun for two is assured and you get the best results from the dog. The true purpose of Technical Obedience K9 ® is not only to master the concept of absolute control over your dog's behavior, but rather to determine how your dog thinks and perceives the world. This allows you to make the dog think and work more independently and in a positive way.


The dog must want to work for you. In your efforts to master the Technical Obedience K9 ® you will inevitably unlock huge potential in your dog and develop the dog at the highest level for every application (IPO, Ringsports, Obedience, ...). Being in control isn't just about having an obedient dog, you have to take control of multiple behaviors.


Only by getting into the dog's mind and understanding how he thinks can you achieve perfect control. Most dogs master their handlers, It's time to turn the tables with Technical Obedience®