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Nuyvilaq Working dogs dog casting

Best producer, art director, stylist, director, program maker and other creative! Wouldn't it be nice if you could spot your dog around which your new campaign or production revolves ... Nuyvilaq Working Dogs has a lot of choice in dogs. The Siberian Huskies Noah, Dakotah, Zazu, Akino and Sissy who walk in front of our sledge have been regularly on television in the past from News from Nature to even in the video clip of Ronnie Flex!


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Animal friendliness

Nuyvilaq Working Dogs is committed to animal-friendly advertising and communications. We do not participate in productions that seem unsympathetic to us and nothing should be portrayed at the expense of any dog, even if only imaginary (example: a Shepherd who supposedly should bite a child is not done by us.



We will not let any dog perform risky assignments. Still, it is possible that a production looks frightening and / or dangerous. Thanks to trickery and especially computer technology, almost everything can be visualized without involving an animal.

Each assignment is discussed in detail in advance and we check whether everything is feasible for our dogs. We will also always give honest advice.



We do not participate in advertising for fur or factory farming.

If a certain animal species or breed could be put in the wrong light by an assignment, we will not participate. In any case, we do not use animals for assignments that are not ethically responsible. For example, the Siberian Huskies could be used for, for example, a film about nature or for educational purposes, but never for a sensational purpose at, for example, a trade fair or in a TV program.