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Only these gentlemen are at stud for the right bitch, the other males from our pack we do not use for breeding for various reasons. The gentlemen have of course had all their research, they also have a nice character and they do great in the sport which makes them suitable stud dogs in our opinion.


Breedings never take place at our home. If you are interested in one of the gentlemen, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Siberian Husky 





Born: June 24, 2012
NHSB 2888566
Height at the withers 71 cm
Weight 29 kilos

Zazu can be anywhere in the team, he is a smart man who can contribute in any position. He has the speed, the power and the brains.

He is also a very happy dog ​​now and then a real clown, he is up for everything and has a lot of trouble doing nothing, always looking for action!
In the pack Zazu has nothing to say, he does get away with everything, they don't take him very seriously

Zazu is one of our stud dogs, Zazu has HD A, is free from patellar luxation, free from hereditary eye defects and has a DNA profile.


Zazu became father of 4 beautiful puppies, 3 males and a female on August 9, 2020.

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Zazu nuyvilaq working dogs hond siberian
Zazu nuyvilaq working dogs hond siberian

Hollandse Herder


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Nuyvilaq Xtreme

BRN 26815

Born: June 11, 2015

Height at the withers: 55 cm

Weight: 22 kilos

Xtreme is a very energetic, cheerful little man but certainly does not let cheese eat off his bread. Xtreme is trained every day, there is no fixed program at a dog school or association, so he is at home in all markets, he also likes everything as much as he can work with you.

At Nuyvilaq Working Dogs, fun comes first, so we do not train with power bands or prick collars, everything is rewarded with a ball or cookie, making Xtreme a reliable dog who wants to work for us in every situation.

Xtreme is often seen as the clown of the Nuyvilaq clan with a lot of tricks, but he is regularly trained to bite and watch at our home. The best thing to do is tracking Xtreme and we also do this in different places and in different ways

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